Parliament: Photo Essay / Jessica Hubble


1. The Hungarian Parliament Building, completed in 1904, is one of the most notable landmarks in Budapest, a major tourist attraction and the home of the National Assembly of Hungary. It is the largest building in Hungary and the tallest building in the city of Budapest. It was built in a variety of architectural styles including renaissance Italian, neo-gothic and French provincial. It does not sound like these styles would all work but as you can see, they do.


2. The Parliament Building has two official entrances. One is for everyday use for the 199 members of parliament and the more than 600 people who assist them. The second entrance is used for special events and visiting dignitaries.


3. Throughout the hallways of Parliament velvet seating areas line the walls for when Parliament is on break. Above these velvet seating areas are cigar holders lining the window sills. Each cigar holder is numbered so if a Parliament member is in the middle of smoking a cigar he can leave it in the holder and easily come back to find it.


4. The room where Parliament votes and has session has been heated and cooled since the end of the 19th century. The system was cutting edge for its day. Each Parliament member has their own personal heating and cooling vent at their seat.


5. The Parliament building rooms are adorned in 89 pounds of 22 to 23 carat gold. The gold is only used eight feet off the ground so people could not reach it and possibly ruin or take it.


6. The building is filled with stunning stained glass windows designed by famed artist Miksa Roth. Some of the most beautiful windows were taken out and put in the basement to save them in case of a bombing or shooting that would shatter the windows during World War II.

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