Down the Danube, By the Brazos / Santiago Daniel Zermeno Guerra

It is fascinating to think about how the great rivers that split Budapest and Waco in half, the Danube and the Brazos, are able to bring out the similarities between the two. The statuaries, the people and the beauty that characterize the banks of these rivers may have different dialects, but ultimately speak a language that all people can understand.

Both rivers are home to markers of history and identity. The statuary of Waco speaks to its western heritage from its time as a stop on the great cattle run. There is also a memorial on the Brazos for the officers lost on the line of duty. The statues of Budapest tell of a greater heritage that goes back a significantly greater amount of time and speaks of a city that has endured many trials, but still celebrates its joyful moments.

The beauty of both rivers make them the perfect place for lovers, both young and old, to enjoy each other’s company. It is fascinating that, despite the distance, love speaks the same language on both rivers.

The rivers are adorned by what each city deems to be the height of their architectural works. For Waco it is the beautiful and modern McLane Stadium which is known as the “Palace on the Brazos.” Budapest offers its own, baroque masterpiece, the parliament building. This beautiful structure shows the pride and beauty of Hungary at its height.

Architectural brilliance is not the only aspect that graces the banks of both rivers. Both are a stunning display of natural beauty. The sunlight reflecting on the water illuminates the uniqueness and similarities of both rivers.

These rivers, despite being geographically divisive are critical in bringing people together. People admire these rivers and commemorate events along their banks. Not only do these rivers tie their cultures together, they are also a common thread between each other.


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