Notes of Vienna / Santiago Daniel Zermeno Guerra

The Baylor School of Music is a recognized and respected program throughout the US. Its students are incredibly gifted musicians and seeing their passion for music is truly an amazing experience. With these experiences in mind, I attended a concert in Vienna

Version 2
(Pictured above: The Chamber Orchestra)

where I saw the same passion found at Baylor, but it was coupled with decades of experience and dedication; this made the performance simply breathtaking.

The venue in itself was awe-inspiring as it was the first concert hall played by Amadeus Mozart himself. The walls were beautifully decorated in velvet and gold patterns which made the hall resemble the inside of a lavish music box. Ancient chandeliers cast warm light over the performers who graced the front of the room with their musical presence. The combination of these baroque embellishments and the period music helped transport me to the golden era of Viennese music.

As the musicians wove their intricate melodies and harmonies, I felt as though the smallchamber hall was too small to contain their tremendous talent. They worked through volumes and textures of music with an incredible ease and grace that is hinted at by Baylor students, but has not been developed as extensively.

This is not to compare the two in terms of superiority, but rather to explain that the amazing talents of the Viennese musicians are echoed by the students of Baylor and this is astonishing given the gifts of the Viennese musicians.

I felt as though the small chamber hall was too small to contain their tremendous talent.

As the group concluded their performance with an Austrian favorite, I was moved by the audience’s joy and involvement. They clapped with the cadence and swayed to the melody as a single entity. As I joined the merry display I saw how the Viennese have a connection to their music that goes beyond enjoyment; it is a part of their very being.

I hope that upon my return to Baylor I am able to experience a concert. I feel that having enjoyed the beauty of a concert like this will make me more appreciative of the efforts put forth by Baylor students. The way that the Viennese connect to their identity through their music is similar to how the Baylor students connect to their identity as performers.



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