Photo Essay / Junpeng Zhang

This is the first impression given by Budapest, European, quiet and orderly. Architecture is a wonderful thing here because when I walk on the street with my head up, you will never know what will come into your vision next. Like this church, I found it when I was lost after class. Although it is not for exhibition, when I looked at it, I felt very peaceful. I didn’t stop walking, but it looked very amazing.

Before we came to the Parliament building, I didn’t know how grand it is, no matter its visuals from outside or inside. I mean if I described outer views look like a wonderful castle or mighty man, the inner views are more like a stunning woman showing her different sides of beauty. Gold is everywhere, which shows how wealthy this country was several hundred years ago. This is the first political place I have ever known that has inside part to exhibit to the world. But at that moment, I didn’t know I was going to make friends with these classmates after that, which can be considered as a happier thing.


What behind me is the triangle edge of Denmark border, the most northern place, I was standing on the top of a super high tower with the high-speed wind blowing around me. I could barely open my eyes, but to see some interesting things around the world is fascinating. If I never went to Denmark, I would never know that the sunset will never be until 11:30pm in the summer. Furthermore, at the edge, there are two seas fighting with each other, the Baltic and North Seas. Because the densities of salt in these seas are different, they can never mix together. So, we usually see two colors of seas there.

This is when I visited Aalborg Modern Art Museum. I don’t understand art very much. But what I learned from here is I should leave my old value first, which I used to see and judge the world. Then step into the art and feel it, there would be no more weird things. I couldn’t pretend to enjoy or dislike it. When you are driven by curiosity to know more from the world, things go naturally around you.

Every day will not be the same. Even you put your smile on your face, it doesn’t mean you are truly happy. But once in Prague, I was alone walking on the street after visiting the Communism Museum, this was what I found out at the street corner. Some people would like to live in their own way as a specialty. This singer refused one of the reality shows to go touring with his friends. His voice was fascinating enough to stop me walking. When you consider this person how talented and special he is, you won’t forget the way he chose to make a living. He made me a better afternoon, but he had to rely on giving almsgiving from people. I watched him at a side in silence instead of having a conversation with him. He made me feel happy again to put my dress on and go out swaggering with friends in dinner.

(Always save space for good things.)

For the most time when I traveled in Europe, wherever I went, the first factor I am looking at is if it is suitable for me to live in here after retiring. These towns are very stunning with good memories, but not for living. For me, I probably don’t want to live in a small town because I cannot find a lot of food to feed myself. Besides, I would never forget this beautiful lady, especially when she smiled. Her moves and her smiles delighted the show. I don’t know how beautiful Queen Elizabeth was, but she defined it well with this handsome white horse. The last picture was shot when I went to a steakhouse in Budapest, it was a very delicious meal but I was too hungry to get full, but I really enjoyed the French bread and the steak.

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